The objective of the GM Paint Simulation team is to reduce the amount of waste generated by excess paint sludge from the painting process at GM. Accomplishing this will decrease disposal costs, lower the environmental impact created by disposing of the paint sludge, and allow recycling of the paint so that it can be used in another process. Once a method of recycling is chosen, the team will simulate this new process in UniSim for the use of operators and engineers at GM manufacturing facilities.


Kate Lamy

I am a 5th year Chemical Engineering student originally from Iron Mountain, MI. I have been a part of the CPM Enterprise for 7 semesters and have been involved with 4 different teams. I have worked in R&D and manufacturing roles at companies like Georgia Pacific, Bemis, and Amway. I will be graduating in the Spring of 2019 and moving to Grand Rapids for a full time process engineering position at Amway. I'm looking forward to leading the GM Paint Simulation Team this year and discovering new ways to recycle paint sludge from GM's process.