Founded in 2004 by Michigan Tech Alumni, Schmohz Brewing Co, located in Grand Rapids MI, is a producer of fine craft beers. Currently, the brewery produces 36 different craft beers, including Michigans’ only non‐alcoholic craft beer. In addition to beer the brewery also produces a line of non‐alcoholic sodas.1

The brewery currently distributes its’ products in both bottles and kegs. Per Michigan law, when a keg is emptied it is then returned by the consumer to the distributor, whom in turn returns the empty keg to the brewery. Upon reception of the keg by the brewery the keg is cleaned and recycled for reuse.2

Although automated solutions using a complex array of gate valves and pumps exist and are used by larger brewing companies, many smaller breweries perform keg cleaning many through the use of a hot caustic solution due to cost of automated systems.


Robert Malstrom

Hi my name is Bobby Malstrom, I am a fifth year mechanical engineer with a minor in manufacturing. I have been apart of CPM for the last 2 years starting as a member of the Britten Studios Project, then going to team lead of the Consumer Keg Washer, and now I am the President of the Enterprise. Outside of school I like to mountain bike, explore the keweenaw and do other UP things.