Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Enterprise program?

The Enterprise Program is an ongoing development in the College of Engineering here at Michigan Tech. There are around twenty enterprises in total, generally with at least one enterprise for each engineering discipline. The Enterprise Program has created a great way to obtain co-op skills without leaving campus. For more information visit the Michigan Tech Enterprise page at:


What is CPM Enterprise?

CPM, or Consumer Product Manufacturing Enterprise, is one of several enterprises at Michigan Tech. We've gained a reputation as a chemical/biomedical engineering enterprise, but we are open to any major. Our corporate sponsored enterprise is organized to develop solutions for the problems presented by our sponsors. We also have several internally funded projects. We typically hover around 10 projects a semester. These projects entail researching, developing, designing, producing, and communicating our solutions to our sponsors and the rest of the enterprise.


What do the individual people in CPM Enterprise do?

Everyone in CPM Enterprise becomes a member of a team, typically of your choice. Each team has a set of objectives to complete, and each student will work on any number of these objectives. For more specific examples, check out what some CPM Enterprise members had to say in our personal testimonies.


I'm a chemical engineering major, do I have to do chemical engineering work?

No, we at CPM Enterprise want you to explore the project driven side of the engineering world. This means joining projects that interest you. Of course, if you want to work on a project that directly correlates with your major, that's an option too. All the projects in CPM have different needs ranging from laboratory testing to environmental research and even expanding into the business world with marketing and accounting. Our hope is that you find a project that interests you, whether or not it is in line with your major.


Is it a lot of work?

While CPM Enterprise students typically register for one or two credits, the course load is not the same as one or two credits worth of lecture. Typical 1-credit CPM Enterprise members will find themselves attending two to three hours of meetings each week with an additional one to three hours of weekly project work.


Is there a lot of writing?

Currently, there is not a lot of writing. We require a mid-semester memo as a way to gauge a student’s work through the first half of the semester. We also require a team report and presentation at the end of the semester. Different sponsors require different amounts of writing from the teams that they work with, so your experiences may vary. Most of the work we require is requested in an effort to develop your communication skills for your life beyond Michigan Tech!


As a student, what are the benefits of being in the enterprise?

In general, the Enterprise Program is aimed at developing each undergraduate student's entrepreneurial and work skills without having to go away on a co-op or internship. Besides learning how to spell "entrepreneurial", Enterprise students can expect to:

• Gain skills employers are looking for

• Obtain hands-on experience in just about any aspect of the business world

• Improve oral and written communication skills

• Develop skills for working in a small business environment

• Acquire new opportunities to work with industry

• Obtain more leadership experience

• Work in a multidisciplinary group of students


Leadership experience - how do I get that?

There are plenty of ways to be a leader in CPM Enterprise. We elect a president, vice president, secretary, chief financial officer (CFO), safety officer, public relations chair, chief information officer (CIO), professional development and design expo chair, and an office manager, who make up the executive board. We also have a team leader for each team so there are plenty of opportunities to gain leadership experience!


But isn't the Enterprise Program just for engineers?

Not at all! The biggest reason for the Enterprise program is to create multidisciplinary work for engineers and non-engineers alike. While most enterprises only have engineers, you can bet they're hurting for business and technical communications majors. We want CPM Enterprise to be for absolutely anyone interested in consumer products.


Can you only take enterprise as senior design?

No. The Enterprise Program was designed to be a three-year journey, which is why there are at least six semesters of enterprise work courses you can schedule. If you'd like to obtain a concentration in Enterprise (if you're an engineering major) or an Enterprise minor (regardless of what of major you are), it will require at least two years in the program. By earning an Enterprise concentration or minor, you earn one or more credits' worth of senior design. This varies by major, though.


What if I want to take it for senior design?

You can! Amid the class goals we develop each semester are a list of more involved projects, suitable for senior design. All CPM Enterprise students earning credit for senior design will be required to work on one of these projects. Be sure to check with your advisor to make sure you are enrolled in the proper courses for senior design.


What if I don't want to take it for senior design?

That's perfectly fine. Working with CPM Enterprise can earn you engineering or technical elective credits for just about any major. And there are always free electives.


What do I do to join?

Head on over to the Join page and fill out the form there, or during registration, enroll in section 8 of one of the following courses:

• ENT1960 (Spring) (for freshmen)

• ENT2950 (Fall) or ENT2960 (Spring) (for sophomores)

• ENT3950 (Fall) or ENT3960 (Spring) (for juniors)

• ENT4950 (Fall) or ENT4960 (Spring) (for seniors)


When are the class meetings?

CPM Enterprise holds a general class meeting at 4:00 pm every Thursday typically in the Chemical Sciences and Engineering building room 101. Individual team meetings vary and are not scheduled until after the start of the semester.


What if I have a course conflict?

We're flexible people, and if you really want to join CPM Enterprise, we really, really want you to join CPM! Please contact our advisor, Dr. Tony Rogers, to let him know. He'll help create a plan for you to be involved in the enterprise.


What if I want to join but don't want the college credit?

That's okay! Just stop by our first general meeting of the semester, and let Dr. Tony Rogers know your plans. You can still participate in our projects without having to shell out the tuition money.


What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, please fill out the form in the Join page and we’ll get back to you!