Students working in Innovations team reach out to communities and deep dive into their lives to know them better. They Use the Human Centered Engineering approach and target an under-served community somewhere in the world, attempting to make their lives better. Students get to use their knowledge, experience and expertise to solve that group's problem(s) by developing an Innovative Product/Service. With the products and services in mind, students develop a Business Model designed for the under-served community. They then prepare themselves for different business competitions (for example: Venture Well) for their start-ups and work on finding funding for their product.


Team Lead - Sankalp Benwa

Sankalp is a graduate student pursuing his Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

He graduated with his Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2014 from India's Lovely Professional University

Sankalp ahs 2 years experience in the field of Design and Product Development in the Automotive Industry. He worked as a summer intern with the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development along with CPM on a hops drying machine. His internship experiences paired with his BS degree will certainly enable him to encourage true innovation and product development within his team.

Sankalp - LinkedIn

Sankalp - LinkedIn