The only healthcare based enterprise of its kind, the AAA Prosthetic Development Teams’ goal is to produce an Affordable, Accessible, and Authentic lower limb prosthetic. While in the US and other first world countries healthcare is widely accessible, much of the world lacks what we consider basic- or affordable- care. The AAA Team is approaching the prosthetics field with the goal of providing a solution to allow those in need to obtain a quality prosthetic at low overhead cost and complexity. With the constraint of a material cost of $30.00, the materials and methods are chosen in a way that can be replicated in a large or custom scale. The AAA team is currently performing stress/strain and life cycle analysis on their mechanically passive ankle design, and in early stages of development of a prosthetic foot.

AAA has participated in the student research poster competition with their design of a mechanically passive ankle at the American Academy of Orthotists and Prosthetists in 2019. Northern Prosthetics and Orthotics in Marquette Michigan has also provided materials and guidance as the team steps forward.


Carolynn Que

My name is Carolynn Que, I'm a fifth year biomedical engineering student. I joined CPM 2 years ago, I spent one semester on the nanoMag Ski project before joining AAA Prosthesis. This is my third semester on the project and my first semester as team lead. I'm from a fairly small town called Davisburg in Michigan's Lower Peninsula. In my free time I enjoy skiing and snowboarding as well as exploring the Keweenaw.