The Prosthesis Design team is working to develop a more accessible lower-limb prosthesis in order to provide a more functional option to amputees. This device aims to serve the 98% of the amputee population who have limited access to an affordable and functional device. Everyone is entitled to participate in all activities of daily living without restrictions, and this device will help to improve the quality of life for a greater majority of the amputee population. 


Carolynn Que

My name is Carolynn Que, I'm a fifth year biomedical engineering student. I joined CPM 2 years ago, I spent one semester on the nanoMag Ski project before joining AAA Prosthesis. This is my third semester on the project and my first semester as team lead. I'm from a fairly small town called Davisburg in Michigan's Lower Peninsula. In my free time I enjoy skiing and snowboarding as well as exploring the Keweenaw.