The Yanfeng Ultrasonic Welding Optimization Team was set in place to help narrow down the parameter windows (Weld Force, Amplitude, and Energy) to form the “Perfect” weld, one that performs well under stress and looks good from a consumer standpoint. Through Design of Experiments we can form sample sets and test them to relate parameters with one another. Currently, the team is entering “Phase 3” as we have determined the parameters for a generic situation, moving forward we want to explore more extravagant welding avenues (Materials, Geometries, etc.) and continue to give Yanfeng Automotive Interiors valuable information.


Joshua Sabrowsky

My name is Joshua Sabrowsky and I am the Yanfeng Ultrasonic Welding Optimization Team Lead for the 2018-2019 year. This is my second semester on CPM and I also hold the Safety Officer position on E-Board. I am in my third year at Michigan Tech pursuing my bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering. Originally, I am from Kiel Wisconsin but this past summer I gained industry experience working as a Paint Engineer at Yanfeng Automotive Interiors on an internship in Holland Michigan. My favorite thing to do here at Tech is go to hockey games, Go Huskies!